ledger's movie book

one of my biggest passions is my love of movies.  its always a special day when i get the chance to go to the movie theater!  ive always loved going and have been collecting my ticket stubs since i was a kid- i still have my ticket stub from going to see 'ducktales: the movie' in the theater (the first movie i ever went to by myself- which is kinda crazy because i was only 8!).  because it has been such an important part of my life, i wanted to try and foster that love in ledger.  i thought about how i could try and make the theater going experience special for him and i came up with this idea:  i am making a book for him of all the different movies we go see in the theater.  the first page says 'ledger's movie book' with a picture of the whole family from when we went and saw his first movie in the theater.  each page after that is dedicated to one movie we went to see.  we always make sure to take a picture whenever we go, so i print out that shot, draw his favorite character from the film, and write a little something about the movie or our experience.  its been a lot of fun to put together- my own little 'creative memories' craft book!  he's always excited to add another page to the book and loves to draw along with me as i illustrate the latest character.  its been awesome making this book and i hope he will treasure these memories some day as much as i do!
check out some of the pages so far here.

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