say 'ahhh'

for years now i've had a problem with my throat.  there are certain things that i would eat that would get stuck in my throat and not go all the way down.  it was terrible, it would feel like i was choking and my body would go into shock- sweating, dizziness, and adrenaline.  i was always just fine though, the blockage was below my windpipe, so i could breath just fine.  it was never an issue of being life threatening or anything, just really scary.  i would always have to excuse myself and go to the restroom and just wait it out until it went all the way down or i threw it back up.  over the years it got progressively worse.  it started out with just choking on dense meat like steak or pork chops.  since i don't really like either of those it wasn't a big deal.  but after a while i would choke on the simplest things like bread or fries.  apparently this is a hereditary thing because my mom and brother have the same problem.  my mom went in and had a throat surgery to correct it and hasn't had the problem since.  well, i figured it might be time for me to finally do the same!  we made an appointment and i went in to take care of it.  it was a very simple procedure, they just went in and expanded my throat with a balloon!  it took about 20 minutes and then i was all good to go home.  diana took me and got it taken care of.  it was kind of strange, i had never been put under before.  i remember being in the room with the doctor and he swabbed my tongue, said 'this might taste a little gross', and then i woke up in a different room with everything done!  not bad!  i should ask them to do the same thing at the dentist!  now that its done i haven't choked on anything i eat anymore.  no more scaring the wife with thoughts of needing the heimlich maneuver!

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