re lob papa

mom and papa stopped by this weekend too! after a stressful week, mom and papa decided to get away by coming down to merrillville and spending some time with us. diana worked saturday, so i met up with papa for an afternoon of playing pool at a really cool cigar shop. by the time i got back diana was getting home from work and we headed down to merrillville to have dinner. we went to one of our favorite places: red lobster (or as the cool people call it: re lob). it was a lot of fun and included some memorable moments, from papa ordering a drink and saying 'surprise me' on which kind (which left my mom's jaw on the floor!), to me making a complete fool of myself to one of the waitresses... anyway, we had an awesome time! after dinner we went back to their hotel room and got to chat for another hour our two. you know, i feel really blessed to have such cool parents! i must admit, i would be friends with them even if we werent related! (more pics)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mark, you are much too kind!! You had me laughing out loud about your gaffaw (sp?) with the waitress!!! Love you guys!