iphone, please give me my wife back!

for christmas we told diana's dad that we would like to buy him a new cell phone and have him included on our phone service. he had been doing the 'pay as you go' service, but we knew this would me a more convenient and cheaper option to just add him to our service for ten bucks a month. it took a while, but we finally got around to going to the phone store with him. here's where the trouble starts: diana was on a different, inferior carrier (cough at&t cough) and her contract was up so the plan was for her to get a new phone with verizon too. all was going well until she spotted the iphone 4. after that it was all over! she flitted her eyes, pursed her lips, and i knew i didnt stand a chance. so, she got an iphone 4. rats! her beauty got the best of me again! anyway, ever since then she has become obsessed with that thing! she spends all her time tinkering with that thing downloading different apps and surfing the internet. she is so in love with it that its ridiculous! i dont see what all the fuss is about (or at least thats what i tell her so that she will finally put it down so i can play with it again!). i'm sure when my contract runs up i'll be getting one as well so that i can finally beat her at bejeweled!

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Captainbananapants said...

You are such a good husband Mark. I know you wanted that phone too but you let Diana get it and abstained yourself. You're so good to her. I woulda said, "tough luck!"