josh and sis

josh, one of diana's friends from her grand valley days, gave us a call a few weeks ago letting us know that he had a few vacation days ahead and was wondering if he could come and visit. we said 'sure!' so he came to stay with us for a couple nights and have some time to catch up with diana! he got here monday afternoon and we had a good time with him. that night we watched a movie and got pizza and talked till way too late (diana got tuesday off, but i still had to drag myself out of bed for work the next day!). barbara knows josh really well too, so she came down to stay with us on tuesday and the four of us had a great time chillin out and having fun. one of the really fun things we did was play a few board games, my favorite being monopoly- we even have the grand rapids edition, so we had fun nerding out to all the grand rapids stuff in the game. again, i had to call it a night early due to work so i missed out on most of the scattergories fun. dang work... (more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

I'm pretty sure I very nicely asked you to delete that picture! The one of us playing scatigories we look like we all just died or something. ha