dad visits!

among our many guests during the week was a very exciting one: diana's dad came to visit! this is exceptional because its the first time he has come to see our place since diana and i first got married! better late than never, huh? he got here tuesday afternoon and was welcomed by diana, barbara, and josh. i arrived a hour or so later, after he had already taken the grand tour of our huge place (sarcasm). we got to talk and hang out for a while, then we went to get dad a new phone (part of our belated christmas gift to put him on our inexpensive phone plan). after figuring out all the phone stuff we headed to gino's east for dinner. everyone loved the chicago style deep dish pizza, dad even got a side order of anchovies to put on it (gross!). it was really cool to be able to have him come and visit, i know diana really loved to have him come and see the home she has made for us. hopefully it wont be another two years before he visits again! (more pics)

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Captainbananapants said...

I love this picture of D and I with dad! I'm so glad we have you to archive fam moments! :o)