social hour

man, its been too long since we hung out with jordan and jonathin! jordan is one of diana's friends from her home depot days, she got married to jonathin this spring and now they live a bit south of us. every once in a while we are able to get together with them, and i always love it! jordan is a ton of fun, she loves to chat and always has some great stories to tell. she came to diana's school a couple weeks ago and diana got to cut and color her hair. jonathin is a blast as well, he is a lot of fun to talk with, and he's really funny! last night diana got a text from jordan asking if we wanted to go out together. we met up with them at applebees for dinner and had a great time! we werent able to do anything afterwards because diana has class today so we couldnt stay out too late, but it was a lot of fun to see them again. next time, though, it needs to be longer- we hung out for a couple hours, but i felt like we had just gotten started!

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