finishing touches

papa came down to indiana this saturday to finish up all the work on the shed. its been almost a year in the making, but now we can finally say, once and for all, it is complete! we had a few more things to do with it to finish it up: some edging was needed on the outside, and a shelf was needed on the inside. papa arrived bright and early, well, early for a saturday... i was already out there clearing out the shed to get our wood supplies that had been stored in there since last year. as we were working, it got hotter and hotter. this was quite a change, usually when papa comes down we are bundled up in 40 degree weather! it got all the way up to 70 degrees by midday! i went in at one point and changed into shorts! we took care of the trim and the shelf, and before we knew it, we were done! the shed looks great, and it will be much easier to organize now that we have that shelf- thanks papa, i know you could have been out golfing instead!

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