a real revelation

a few weeks ago i was driving home from school and i saw that one of the local churches was going to be having a class on the book of revelation. i've always been interested in the book, but it always seemed to be too much to handle alone, all that symbolism and imagery. i talked with diana about it, and we decided we would check it out.
over the past five weeks we went through the entire book of revelation, reading through it and trying to decipher what it means. the pastor, david trexler (at gloria dei church), lead us through the book and opened up many of the mysteries and meanings behind this cryptic book. the insight he gave was refreshing and challenging- he blew my mind! now, i spend every day studying the bible for my job, so it is a rare feat for me to be blown away by a new perspective on scripture- but he did it! one of the weeks we were driving home from the class and i was trying to discuss it with diana, but i was too overwhelmed with all that amazing new teaching that i had a hard time constructing a sentence! what started out going to this class on a whim has turned into a renewed passion in our faith! i sure hope he teaching another class soon!

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Captainbananapants said...

Soooooo... when is the world going to end!?!?