what does it all mean?!?

on saturday a couple friends spent about 15 minutes discussing and arguing over the exact definition of 'berth'. rex thought it meant like 'a job' or something. jeff thought it was an area in space, specifically relating to a ship. i didnt have an opinion, i was just amazed at the fact that those two could keep talking about it for as lon as they did.
i decided i should check it out at websters online. well, guys, here it is:
Main Entry: berth
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from 2bear + -th
1 a : sufficient distance for maneuvering a ship
b : safe distance -- used especially with wide
2 a : the place where a ship lies when at anchor or at a wharf
b : a space for an automotive vehicle at rest
3 : a place to sit or sleep especially on a ship or vehicle : accomodation
4 a : a billet on a ship b : a job, possition, place

as it turns out, they are both right. go figure...

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tiptoeballerina said...

Rex can never be wrong.....i thought berth ment like a fat man's really large belly or maybe that's a girth?