the new kid

today in 7th grade we got a new student. its strange that we would get a new student this time of year as we just finished our third quarter. but on the other hand its really cool. the new student is actually from south korea, which i am really excited about!
back when i lived in salt lake city my school had quite a few students from korea. i really enjoyed these students, they always had a unique perspective to add, and they often had the craziest sense of humor! one of the guys, Juno, could crack me up so hard! (man, i really loved that kid!)
i have an interest in korea in the first place, so i was always curious about what life was like over there. i actually got juno to teach me the korean alphabet and the sounds each of the characters make. its surprisingly easy, much easier than english. i think i still have those sheets somewhere in my house. i should try and find them, maybe brush up on my korean and surprise the new student with some korean!

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