bad timing

last night i was returning a friends call at just the wrong time. she had called earlier and left a message to call back. about an hour after the message, i did. perhaps i should have waited one more minute...
so i dial, she picks up. 'hey, how are you?' i say. her response: 'um, can i call you back? i just rear ended somebody...' yikes! i hang up and eagerly await her return call. all this time i am fully expecting the worst- i figured that she totalled the front of her car and is going to have to spend a ton of money fixing the car and would get a huge ticket as well. in my mind i imagined that she heard her phone ring and looked down to pick it up to answer my call, and just then the car in front of her slammed on the breaks. all this trouble because i called at just the wrong time! oh the guilt!!!

but then she eventually called back and it turned out to be just a little ding, no dent, no paint, no smudge, no cops; just a plastic bumper tapping another plastic bumper. i was relieved! ...but what i imagined sure would have made a better story.

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