preschool open house

as our little fella gets older the creeping reality sets in: he's old enough to go to school now!  that's crazy!  we enrolled him in the spring and how is the first time we get to see his preschool.  diana and i are both very excited and nervous, but not as excited as ledger is!  they had an open house before school started, a chance to meet the teacher and check out his classroom for the first time.  as we first walked in, ledge was excited but also a bit confused by the whole thing- having never been to school before he had no idea what to expect.  he was pleased to see that there were toys and books and fun things to do, so that made him feel a lot better.  he was really excited about the teacher and aids, and even hit it off with another student or two.  he wasn't exactly sure what to do while we were there, but we weren't either...  eventually a few parents took the kids to check out the playground and we followed.  we got a chance to chat with a few of the parents, which helped us feel more at ease.  on the way home ledge said that he thinks he's ready for preschool now.  you know, i think we are too!
(more pics)

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