hand print board

for some reason i got it in my head to make a special craft for ledger's first day of preschool.  it was totally a 'pintrest' sort of thing...  before the school year started we went to home depot and got a six foot board and some wood stain.  we went to the craft store and let ledger pick out a paint color that he liked, and then once the first day of school arrived, we went to work making a hand print board.  the idea is that at the start of each school year, from preschool all the way through 12th grade, we are going to have ledger make a hand print on the board to show his growth.  its kind of cheesy, but for some reason it really struck me as a great marker of ledger's school life.  as soon as he heard that he gets to put his hand in paint, ledger was all about it!  i know this 'craft' will take a long time to really be anything, it will be interesting to see how he grows and i'm glad i was cognizant enough to start it at the very beginning instead of coming up with the idea later and wishing i had done it!
(more pics)

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