a trip to the nash

for the past couple years diana and i have been going on different summer vacations with her friends.  it started two years ago when we tagged along with miranda and levi to grand marais in the upper peninsula of michigan for a short weekend.  then the following year we rented a house and went up with a bunch of people including lissa, aaron, and barbara.  well, this year we wanted to do something different but weren't quite sure what.  remembering all the fun i had with different friends through out the years, i suggested we go to nashville (or as we like to call it: 'the nash')- its always a blast!  well, everyone seemed to like the idea because we all agreed and set it as our destination!  we planned it a bit later than usual- we made plans to go down together in september.  everyone was on board and really excited.  we rented a house and made our plans.
the big trip finally arrived and we were ready to head down.  diana left early so she could bring ledger to her mothers and get him all situated.  aaron and i had to work, so we headed down later on friday.  he came to my place and picked me up.  on the way down, though it was getting late, we wanted to grab a bite to eat.  we stopped at benton harbor for a late dinner and had a great time being silly and getting ourselves in the vacation mood.  apparently that includes getting hit on hard at applebee's...
we finally made it down to diana's moms place around 11pm and promptly went to bed.  we had a week ahead and wanted to get a decent night's sleep to start it off!

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