putting up pictures

i've always felt like real families have pictures of themselves up on the walls.  we always had a few up in our home growing up, but for some reason, i've never really put pictures up in the different places i've lived.  sure, i've put stuff on the walls, but that was mostly posters or artwork.  now that i've actually got my own family, and our own place to live, we decided to finally put some pictures up!  now, making that decision and actually being able to do it had one major hurdle to overcome: we don't actually have any pictures!  actually we have thousands of pictures, but just the digital kind.  a little while ago i came across a website where you can order prints of your digital pictures for free!  its actually pretty great, you can pick up to 85 prints and all you have to pay is the 10 dollar shipping cost (i know, that just means that the pictures are 10 bucks, but even that is a really good price!)  so we have been compiling some photos for the past couple of months.  we stopped at the dollar store and bought some cheap picture frames and got to work putting them up.  as you can see by this picture, i had a small and cute lil helper!  we got them up and i'm so proud- now we feel like a real family!
(what the pictures look like up)

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