cards through time

you guys, look what i found!  i used to collect these things back when i was a kid, so i was really excited when i found these at the local shop downtown allegan!  ledge and i regularly wander around downtown, walking the boardwalk and checking out all the different shops and stuff.  one of them that i really love to check out is a consignment/antique place called 'little shop of hoarders'.  we happened upon one area that had these beauties featured and i couldn't resist!  it was such a trip down memory lane opening these packets and checking out all the cool cards inside.  the indiana jones chronicles pack even had a 3D card with glasses!
i sent this picture to a couple friends to see if they had the same nostalgic flashback and it turns out i wasn't the only one who collected these.  jon was just as thrilled as i was about these cards!  i made sure to go back and get him a few packs so he could enjoy them as much as i did!

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