k-ville reunion '16

most people have school reunions once every 10 years.  not us- we have them every summer!  and to make it even stranger, its not a high school reunion- its a middle school reunion!  this year we met up at janna's house and had a great time catching up on what's been happening over the past year and welcoming anyone who may have missed the get-togethers in years past.  adam always lines up a special guest, and this year it was sarah!  it was her first time attending since she lives out of state but happened to be in town when we were meeting.  my favorite part of the reunion was when sarah asked aaron and i 'so, do you two, like, hang out in real life?'
as you can see, we ended the night with a good ol' fashioned hymn sing!  and no, that photo is not staged at all...

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