roof repair

i got a call about our rental and how the roof was really bad and needed to be repaired.  i feared the worst and took some time off of work to try and repair it.  i enlisted the help of diana's dad and his friend todd and the three of us headed down to griffith unsure how bad the damage would be that we would find.
turns out it wasn't so bad!  i was expecting it to be caving in and terrible- i thought you would be able to see the sky from inside the bedroom!  actually, it was just some wet drywall and a leaky point in the roof.  we spent a couple hours replacing the plywood and bracing it, then put on some new shingles and- voila! everything was looking better!  we also did some repair work on the drywall, getting rid of the warped parts and making it look better.  the whole job, which i expected to take a couple days, ended up taking only about 6 hours.  it helped that todd and diana's dad were seasoned vets when it comes to roofing, that's for sure!
(more pics)

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