blue merc

one of ledger's favorite new shows right now is 'miles from tomorrowland'.  its a new show on disney jr. and it features his favorite character: merc, the robot ostrich.  he is constantly pretending to merc, running around making bird sounds and telling us he his a robot.  well, here's the thing, the character of merc is blue.  ledger thought it would be a great idea to color himself blue, you know, to make it more realistic...  he grabbed a blue marker and started to color his arm blue.  when diana and i caught him he knew he had done something wrong.  we figured we would play it up a bit and told him that the marker doesn't come off.  (is this mean? maybe, but we wanted him to realize that he shouldn't be coloring himself)  he was mortified that his arm would stay blue forever!  finally after about a half hour we told him that we might be able to wash it off if we tried really hard...  it came off very easily of course- we aren't dumb enough to leave permanent markers around a child- it was a washable marker the whole time!  he was so relieved that he promised never to do it again!  parenting mission accomplished, i'd say.

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