clean teeth

now that we are up in grand rapids, we needed to find ledger a new dentist.  we found a great one that specializes in children.  he was a little unsure when we told him he was going to the dentist, but was excited to check it out.
the place was really cool, they had neat fish in the lobby and lots of toys for him to check out while we waited.  when we were called back i was able to go along with him and hold his hand if he needed it.  he didnt!  he was so excited to check out all the different tools and things in the dentist's office!  he was, as always, a chatty cathy with all the people in the office, asking about what everything was and what they were going to do with it.  if i remember correctly, i'm pretty sure he even broke out into song at one point...  he was having so much fun and fortunately the dentists were thrilled to have a patient who wasn't scared that they were having a great time laughing along with him too!
i'm sure if it were up to him, ledge wouldn't mind going to the dentist every week...

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