halloween party: ring game

diana, ledger, and i were invited by a couple friends to join them for a halloween party.  we were very excited about it- diana got together with a few of the other girls once or twice leading up to it so they could plan it all out using some great pintrest ideas they had been collecting.  most of the gang have kids themselves, so the party was broken up into two parts: 5:00-8:00 was the kids party, and 9:00-night was the adult party!  diana went over to rob and veronica's place earlier in the day to help set everything up in the garage and get it all ready, i headed over around 5 with ledger to enjoy the festivities.  there were a bunch of kids there, so ledger was thrilled!  the games that they had set up were a ton of fun for the kids to play- and for the parents to watch!  one of the little games set up was a ring toss, which ledger totally loved.  he had just so much fun with those kids- our own little social butterfly!

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