halloween party: adults only

after sugaring up the kids, i brought ledger home where diana's mom graciously offered to watch him for the night so we could stay out.  by the time i got back, the party was in full swing!  barbara and james stopped by to join us, and the festivities soon got underway.  veronica had planned out a couple fun games for us to play too- didnt want the kids to have all the fun!  by the end of the night we had wandered outside to the fire pit, where most of the talk turned nostalgic.  most of the people there had gone to high school together, so there was a lot of references to people and places i had never heard of, but is was still a ton of fun to just be a part of the hilarity!  we ended the night at an all night diner with about 10 of us.  it was a really fun party and i look forward to hanging out with these friends again!
(more pics)

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