drip, drip, drip

we have had a leaky tub faucet for a few months now.  i called a plumber friend a month ago to take a look at it and he did a little temporary fix on it, but unfortunately it didn't last.  well, now its time to pull out the big guns and take care of it myself!  after digging out a hole in the drywall and messing around with a lot of pipes, i got a replacement for the hot water handle for the tub.  it helped but didnt quite fix it.  after a lot of trial and error, i figured out that one of the seals had been cracked.  unfortunately, the cracked part was stuck and for the life of me i couldnt get it to budge!  after a second trip to the home improvement store (you know, i dont think i've ever done a job where i only needed to go once...), i rigged up a solution to the crack and behold- it worked!  i was rather pleased with myself, i must admit.  finally, that dripping is done!

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