work baby

diana had an appointment at 4:00 the other day.  i knew i wouldnt be able to make it home in time to take ledger and still allow her to make it on time, so instead she dropped him off at school so i could take him.  the kids were already gone by then, but i still got to show ledge around the school a bit and got to show him off to all my coworkers.  they always have to sit and listen to me talk about him and all his cute baby stuff, so they were quite excited to actually see him again.  after making the rounds i went back to my room and got my stuff together so we could leave.  i set him down for a minute and let him wander around the room a bit- which he loved!  a new place to explore!  as i was behind my desk grabbing my coat, i snapped a quick picture of him on the other side of the desk rooting around, having a great time checking everything out.

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