stink tv

this always cracks me up!  usually our stinky dog pays no attention at all to screens, whether its phones, computers, or tvs.  he always seems to know that they are not real, they are just images and sound pumped through screens and speakers.  but every once in a while they get him, every once in a while there is some animal or something that makes a noise and it startles him because it actually sounds real!  well, i was watching a movie the other day and there were a couple dogs that where barking and whimpering at each other- and i tell you what, that stinky dog of ours must have understood what he was saying because he jumped up so fast that it startled me!  he stared right at the tv, with his ears perked up, and seemed like he was ready to pounce!  i thought it was hilarious and rewound it and played it again- he flipped out the second time too!  sorry poco, i guess i'm just being mean, but i thought it was hilarious!  (in case you are wondering, the movie was 'hugo')

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