random ledger

i take too many pictures.  well, that used to be a problem.  diana would get annoyed with me for taking too many pictures of normal everyday things and events.  'really? you're going to take a picture of that?' she would ask, rolling her eyes.  well, now that we've got something to take tons of pictures of, she doesn't seem to mind quite as much!  as i post on the blog, i don't always have a specific place to put all those random pictures, so i have been dumping them on my pictures page.  they don't always get a link from the front page of my site, so i just wanted to make sure that you weren't missing out on them.  so, here is where you can click over and see all the random pictures of ledger that don't really tie into a specific post, but are too cute to keep to myself.  check them out here!

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