more than a toothache

i had to go to the dentist to get a new crown put in. about a month ago i broke a tooth while at school (darn you tortilla chips!!!). i went in the next day to the dentist and he told me i should get a crown for the tooth. i figured he just wanted to buy a new tv at home with what it was going to cost me, but i went through with it anyway.
ive never had to have a tooth pulled or crowned or anything before, so i wasnt quite sure what i was in for, but i knew to brace for the worst... he shot my mouth full of numbing stuff and went to work on drilling down my tooth into a nub! it wasnt too bad, i only almost choked to death twice. he then put a mold that had been made into my mouth and glued it in. i wasnt in too much pain at that point, but i knew it was coming. i got home and just as the numbness was wearing off, so did the replacement tooth! i had to actually go back to the dentist because it fell out of my mouth! he recast the mold and glued it in again. fortunately, this time it stayed in. but either way, i was in pain and out of commission for the rest of the day!
this past thursday i went in to have them take out the mold, and put in the fancy ceramic one they had sent away for. it didnt hurt too bad, and now i have a shiny new fake tooth! oh, and he told me i have three new cavities. looks like i get to buy him something else for his home...

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too funny - I was laughing about you buying something else for his house!!!! Sounds like fun