bend it like jackson

last weekend i went back up to grand rapids. i went for a couple reasons, my brother was in town (which only happens about twice a year) and because it was my moms birthday! it was a really fun time.
on saturday the family and i got to go watch my nephew jackson play soccer. it was really cute! hes only 5 and is still having some problems with understanding the rules of the game, but he has been getting better. he actually scored a goal, for his own team this time... i was told that a couple weeks ago he thought it wiser to kick the ball into their own goal. i cant fault him, he was definitely taking advantage of the element of surprise!
the cutest thing is that whenever there is a break in the game all the kids race back to their moms and take a drink from their water bottles- im guessing they always see the pros drinking from their water bottles, so they figure it must be part of the game...
afterward we went to macdonald's for a victory meal (i dont actually know if his team won or not due to the fact that they dont keep score...).

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