dinner together

last saturday the family went out to eat for my moms birthday. we went to a really cool resturant called boatwerks in holland michigan. it is right on the water of lake macatawa and had an amazing view! after getting ourselves lost on the way over, we found the place and sat down. there was a bit of seat shuffling, but then we were all set to enjoy the time together. and we did exactly that. we tried some crazy weird appitizers, and i even had to admit that maybe ive been wrong about how gross mushrooms are. after appitizers we thought it would be cool to step out on their patio and take some pictures by the lake.
we went back in and finished our meals and had an over all really great time just sharing with each other. i think even chad would have to admit that it was a fun time!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark - I had a great time also. I love being with all my kids!!