the weekend

saturday ended up being a lot of fun (except for the getting up on time thing...) i was up and out of the house around 8:30. i headed up to michigan. it was a nice drive, it gave me time to listen to some of my new music a bit more. the latest brian vander ark is really growing on me. also i listened to the new andrew osenga stuff, which i just cannot get enough of! i got there a few minutes early, but soon after rex and jeffry lee were kind enough to meet up with me. we headed over to my moms new work place.
she didnt know i was coming, but it worked out perfectly! when we walked into the big work area she was with the rest of the family in the office up front. we were able to sneek in and surprise her. she was helping me little niece, she looked up and saw me and was totally blown away! it was funny, she actually started crying! after the hugs and stuff we were able to dig into the excellent grub they had for the open house. of course, they had to have the open house food standard: meatballs! (which are a personal favorite, so i was quite happy...) soon after aaron joined us (free lunch, can you blame him?) we hung out for about an hour and a half, then the guys had to get going. i headed out soon after. the trip home was a bit harder. i started to get really sleepy, so i poped in a little dane cook. that usually keeps me awake!
one of the coolest things about the day was just an appreciation of my friends. those guys came all the way out to my moms work just to hang out for a little while. how cool is that? i just felt really blessed that the guys are willing to give up a couple hours just to hang out. for rex and jeffry lee it was about a 40 minute drive just to hang out in the work area at my moms job. maybe im making something out of nothing, but i just totally appreciated them that day.


i like metal said...

hey Mr. Brink, It's Ryan. How are you doing? I just made a new Blogger name and I'm going to try to keep this one up to date!

CCR said...

Mark, how the heck are ya? It has been awhile of course. I linked to you from the Patrick blog. Nice to be reminded of your continued presence on the world scene.