a visit home

shoot, i go and buy a new computer and now have the chance to post more often, and i havent in almost a week! i blame the busy week, actually.
this was a very unusual week- we had our teacher convention in grand rapids thursday and friday. that meant we only had school monday, tuesday, and a short day wednesday (which is totally rad, by the way) so i had been a bit busy with all that. yesterday and today i have been busy with convention stuff, or hanging out with other teachers and friends, so i havent had too much time to spend in front of my computer.
everyone else is busy right now, so i figured now is the time to catch back up!
wednesday night matt, rachel, and i drove up to grand rapids and met my parents for dinner. rachel had met them briefly before, but matt hadnt. it was really cool. i have a great relationship with my parents, so i actually enjoy hanging out with them and introducing them to my friends. they were there normal cool selves, so matt and rachel felt really comfortable. we just ate and talked about how the year has been going so far. not much, but it was fun. afterward we dropped of rachel (she stayed in a downtown hotel) and then headed to my parents place (where matt and i stayed). we watched the ballgame and continued talking with my parents. eventually it was time for bed so we hit the hay.
thursday night i wanted to hang out with the guys and have matt meet them. so, matt and i headed to ruby tuesdays and jeffry lee and rex joined us soon after. we ate and talked and acted pretty stupid (what else are friends for, huh?). when we finished up we headed out to the poolhall. there, aaron and his fiancee jessica joined us. we played doubles and singles and the whole time i totally sucked! matt kept telling us all night before we got there that he really sucked, but once we started it was soon revealed how much of a hustler he really is! (ok, maybe not a hustler, but he was making some amazing shots!) at one point even i was able to pull out a decent shot or two, but rex certainly dominated the night. needless to say, a good time was had by all.
this afternoon matt and rachel headed back down to the ol' indiana homestead. im sticking around for a couple more days yet.

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