smells like teen spirit

ive always heard that the sense of smell is the strongest sense attached to memories. like, if you smell something it will trigger your memory quicker than a sight or a taste will. ive always kind of dismissed that because it sounds crazy, but a few days ago i became a believer!
i was walking out to my car and i caught a whiff of who-knows-what, but the instant i smelled it my mind went a million miles an hour and for some reason it reminded me of those nasty orange circus peanuts candies. i havent had one of thise in at least fifteen years! but immidiately my mind raced to a fond memory of going with my dad, uncle, and cousin to the gander mountain store when i was about 11. i distinctly remember walking through there and checking out all the random sportsmans stuff. jeff (my cousin) and i each grabbed a pair of binoculars and ran to seperate ends of the store and would try to mouth messages to each other and see if we could see each other that far away. my dad and uncle loved that place, they were busy checking out all the hunting stuff. after about the first hour there i got bored and jeff and i found a small row of snacks. we convinced our dads to buy us some. jeff got a big bag of jelly bellys and i got a pouch of circus peanuts. we enjoyed the treats as dad and uncle ted finished up there shopping.
wow. that was so wierd- up until i caught a whiff of that smell, i dont think ive thought of that memory in a dozen or more years, and it all came back as vivid as if it had happened last week!

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sara said...

fish turtle.....'s safety dance time