roku 3

as we've gotten settled into our new place we knew we weren't going to go the route of getting cable tv.  we did a little research as to what might be the best option for doing the internet and subscription only thing, and we decided on getting a roku.  we have netflix and recently got amazon prime, so we loaded it up and tried it out.
let me tell you, this thing is awesome!  its got little app icons for each of the subscription channels, and a whole bunch of other ones.  we've got one for each of the networks, history channel, syfy, youtube, cnn, pbs, and even a ton of kids ones for ledge.  this thing has been amazing and we don't miss cable at all!  the only thing that is a bother is trying to watch live events.  we don't watch any sports, so that's not an issue, but it may be a challenge trying to watch the oscars when they come on.  hopefully they will be streaming somewhere online by then, but i've got a digital antenna as well just in case!

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