regent theatre

ever since we first moved to allegan i've been excited about the regent theatre.  its a really old single screen movie theater that looks like it came straight out of the thirties.  i have been drawn to it ever since i first spotted it when we drove around town on our first visit.  i've been telling my wife for weeks now how i want to go and see whatever is there- it doesn't matter what movie- i just want to go there!  the place is so beautifully charming that i just wanted to go and check it out.  well, i finally found an evening free where i could go and watch a film there and it was just as awesome as i hoped it would be!  they have some of the original features in the place, including a balcony and ticket booth.  the place was just amazing!  i've now realized that the reason we live in allegan is because of this theater, i must live near it- i am in love!  i must do whatever it takes to have this place be a part of my life...
(more pics)

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