out of power

ugh.  my car, the saturn, died on me at work.  i cant figure out why either.  maybe it was the fact that i needed to get it jumped just the week before, or maybe because i accidentally left the lights on for eight hours while i worked...  no, that cant be it.  i pestered todd, one of the guys i work with, to give me a jump.  he owed me anyway- i jumped his car the month before.  we had it hooked up for about twenty minutes, but still didnt have enough power to get the transmission to turn over.  i actually had to admit that it was time to change the battery.  todd took me home that night after work, thankfully, but then i had to go back and replace it the next day.  when i got there i tried jumping it with our other car, just in case, but that didnt work either.  i pulled out my tools and got to work getting the battery out.  turns out the bolts are metric and all i had were standard measurements!  dang!  well, the next day i borrowed a few tools from a guy at work and made a second attempt to change the battery.  it went much more smoothly that time and i was able to successfully swap out the old one for the new one.  it was a pain, but i felt pretty good about my gearhead abilities after that!

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