at church

we arrived at church with our entourage for the big event!  we were a little early though... i had mistakenly thought that the saturday service started at 5:00, but it actually starts at 5:30.  oops!  well, that meant that we had plenty of time to take pictures before hand...
the service itself was great, as always, after we sang a few songs pastor kris invited diana, ledger, and i up on stage to join him.
pastor kris talked about the big committment we were making, promising to raise our son in the way of God, following His will for our life as parents, and training ledger to learn the path of Christ.  a big responsability, but one we are excited for!  it was really a great blessing to have so many family members there as witnesses to the covenant that was placed on ledger!
thanks again to everyone who came down to support us- we are truly loved!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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