great grandma visits

diana's grandma lives down in florida and recently made a trip up to see us.  the last time we saw here was back when we took her to disneyworld, so its been a few years.  she's not feeling her best due to severe arthritis, but wanted to make a trip up to see everyone.  one of the important people on her list to see was her newest great-grandson ledger!  she flew in to the gary airport where diana's mom and david picked her up.  they drove over to our house to show her around and get to spend some time with our little guy.  when i got home from work we had the opportunity to go out to eat and have a great time talking and catching up.  it was really fun to show her where we live, whenever we talk to her or send her letters we talk about our place and our son, but now she will be able to put a place and a face with our stories!

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