bye bye couch

lissa came to visit for a few days recently- something diana has been eagerly counting down the days for since they first made the plans!  those two had a great time together, they got to catch up, relax, play with ledger, and diana's favorite: go thrift store shopping!  well, they happened to find a once in a life time deal: a beautiful, barely used love seat.  diana and i had been talking for months about getting rid of our couch (ok, years...), it was old and uncomfortable.  you know those couches that have the bottom that seems to have caved in and when you sit down it feels like it has just eaten you?  well, that was this couch.  also, with all the baby stuff that is going to be adding up soon, we knew we were going to need a bit more space in the living room.  when they found this love seat the snagged it up!  there was just one rather large problem: how do we get it home?  it was a bit of a rush job, we needed to find a vehicle that day or else the thrift store told us that they would put it back on the show floor if we didnt pick it up by 5:00pm!  yikes!  there is no way we could fit it in our car, so i asked around at work if i could borrow someone's vehicle.  i finally found someone who let me borrow their full size van, so i headed over the the thrift store to pick it up, hoping that it would fit.  fortunately it did- barely!  i crammed it in there and headed home.  i could only drop it off in the driveway and let it sit there because i needed to quickly return the van.  i have no idea what our neighbors thought as this couch sat in our drive way for a half hour...  when i got back we moved out the old couch and cleaned up all the strange items that had gotten lodged back there over the years.  after much work, including taking the door off its hinges, we got the old couch out and put it on the curb.  we wrestled with the new love seat and got it through the door and in its place.  when we put everything back it looked great- as if it had always been there!  now we were able to fit everything nicely in the living room and even had a bit of extra space for ledger's bouncy and all of his toys.  great find girls, way to go!
(more pics)

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