the vacation begins

friday i raced home from school. why? well, because my wife and i had some big plans for the weekend. we were going to disney land! we were gearing up for a long weekend at the happiest place on earth! when i got home my wife, her mom and david, were all waiting there for me ready to wisk me away to the airport- we had a 6:30 plane to catch! fortunately we got there in plenty of time, which was a good thing since diana had some problems with her ticket and we needed that time to sort it all out. barbara and nick were supposed to join us at the airport, but when barbara called us they hadnt even left south bend yet. oops. they had to switch their tickets to the next morning, but everything worked out well and they joined us saturday. everything else went smoothly though, and we arrived in orlando later that night. when we got there we got a rental car and headed out to find the rental house david had booked for us for the week. we arrived at the house and it was huge! like excited kids we wandered around the house checking out all the bedrooms. we picked the second best room (mom and david got the best one, of course!) and unpacked. we didnt stay up for too much longer that night, after all, we had a big day at the magical kingdom ahead of us!
[ed. note: content corrected for factual accuracy]

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Captainbananapants said...

You didn't wake us up, we called you remember? What sort of shoddy historian are you - do you even have your blogger lisence!? Mark, everything on the internet is a fact, don't mess that up for me.