an open fire

saturday night we eventually made it over to diana's mom and step dad's house. it was great to see them again! they had recently been down to the boston area to see david's daughter, alanna, who had just had a baby! congrats! we got to hear all about it- we will certainly have to travel down there soon to see the little one ourselves! saturday night we hung out and chatted with them until we were all falling asleep in the living room... eventually we made it to our beds. on sunday we hung out for the day and enjoyed the time with family. we played a lot of cards, and enjoyed mom's new fireplace! (granted, they always had a fire place at the house, but david's christmas gift to mom was getting it working and all the stuff needed to have a nice warm hearth) she was really proud to show it off- and diana was more than willing to warm up by it!
(more pics)

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