when we went down to st. louis we drove past a town called Normal, illinois. this is of special interest to me. one of my favorite bands of all time is a small group called 'the normals'. they got their name from this town- which is where they grew up! i had always thought it would be kind of fun (in that really strange obsessed way) to check out the town of normal.
well, i got my change! the first time i ever saw the band i got a shirt from them. on the shirt it had a printed photo of a water tower that said 'normal' on it. i figured if i was in town, i should try and hunt down that water tower. im not sure if its the same one, they had about a dozen in the area, but we drove down to one of the water towers, i got out and took this picture.
truly, there is no end to my fanboy craziness...

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