gateway to the west

this past weekend i went with a friend to st. louis. i had never been there before (well, except for a layover flight, but that totally doesnt count) so i was up for the adventure.
the first thing that surprised me was just how cool the arch really is. ive seen pictures of it all the time, but to actually look at the skyline and see a 600+ foot arch towering over every building in the city is quite breathtaking. we didnt get a change to go inside it, but i figured that just meant we would have to come back.
we got there on friday night and went out for dinner with a couple other friends. on saturday we headed out to the zoo. it was an amazingly unseasonable day- i think it got up to 60 degrees, and this was in the middle of november! we spent a lazy afternoon wandering around checking out everything from penguins, to zebras, to monkeys, to sea lions! later that night we went out to a very nice italian place and ended up at the union station, which is a converted old railroad station. now its a shopping area. it was amazing to see. there was a lounge on the second floor that opened up to a ceiling that was probably 100 foot tall. quite amazing!
finally on sunday we went to a resturaunt that bottles its own root beer- it was extremely tasty! unfortunately it was then time to say farewell to ol' st lou!
i, for one, am looking forward to a return trip!
(more pics)

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