a fun day out

last week i got to hang out with some of my kids. the 'why' of this story is far too complicated, so ill just skip that part.

i picked them up and the four of us went mini golfing. it was alot of fun- those guys are a blast to be around. of course we followed the standard rules of mini golfing: you may not use real names while on the course. i didnt make up the rules, i just live by them (actually, i think i did make that one up...). after a good 18, we walked over the the ice cream shop. i told the boys that they could get whatever they wanted- cub decided that meant he could get three scoops on his cone. the end result was about the size of his head! but, ever the trooper, he worked his way through the whole thing. at the ice cream shop there is a chess board, so we decided to play checkers (much cooler than chess), and we even played a few games with 'calvin ball' rules (if you are familiar with 'calvin and hobbes' you should get that reference...) we had a great time. afterward we went to go see the movie 'surfs up' and really enjoyed it. by the time it was done, the kids had to be heading home (they had little league games to get to, after all). it was a very fun time, and a great chance to see some of the kids over the summer. i will be doing it again soon with another set of kids. im looking forward to it.

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