adams visit (friday)

friday morning came up fast on us (i guess thats what happens when you go to bed around 2:30am), but we headed out and adam came with me to school. he had a storytelling gig that night, and we was going to be doing some new material. i offered him the chance to practice in front of a real audience, and he took it! so all morning my students got to sit back and enjoy the storytelling stylings of good ol' adam. and boy, did they love it!!! the kids really enjoyed it and adam felt better after being able to perform the new stuff a bit.
in the evening we headed off to the gig. it was kind of wierd because it was a junior/senior banquet. everyone was high school aged, and dressed all fancy shmancy. we sat with the two teachers who helped plan it during the meal. it was good company, and great conversation- and a welcome distraction for adam who was still a bit anxious about how the new stuff would go over.
when he got up there it was just as i suspected: a hit! all that worry for nothing. the kids warmed up to him fairly quickly, and by the time he got to the story that needed students to come up and act it out (with all the football jock types in dresses, of course), he had them eating out of his hand!
after his performance we headed home to change clothes, and we later met up with the people who had planned the event and hung out with them for the night. it was a great time and a chance to meet some new people.

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