kinda like bill and ted

i had a lot of fun this weekend. my best buddy aaron came down on friday. its been a long while since he came down by himself. we actually tried to remember the last time he came alone and neither one of us could remember.
we had a really great time. i think what i like so much about when he comes down together is just how comfortable it is to be around him. weve known each other since 3rd or 4th grade and have spent so much time hanging out over the years that its really easy to just chill and enjoy the time together. at one point this weekend we realized just how many places weve been together. (heres the short list: florida, tennessee, iowa, new york, utah, california, spain, netherlands, germany, italy... i could go on.)
friday night we went out to eat then we headed back to my place and just hung out and watched tv ('the office' rules!) and a movie (wedding crashers). saturday we headed downtown to chicago. i havent been there in a while- ive got to remember to go there more often! we spent about 4 hours at the virgin megastore, then we went to eat the world famous gino's east chicago style deep dish pizza. its always awesome to go there! we headed back in the evening and made it in time to catch the next showing of king kong at the theater (i know, im delinquent for taking so long to see it) after that we stopped off at bennigens and talked till closing time. sunday he headed off early back to michigan. all in all, a great weekend- i even got in a little sunday nap!
ive got to make sure it doesnt take so long for him to come down next time...

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