cold outside, colder inside

maybe this is payback for all the times i talk about how much i like the cold...
this weekend was a rough one for me to stay warm. it was one of the coldest weekends of the year around here- at one point it got down to about 5 degrees (at least thats what it said on the bank sign, and i dont know if that includes wind chill or not). i headed home to michigan on saturday and that morning the fan for the floor heat in my car stopped working. it was a very cold two hour drive. my hands and head were totally warm, but my feet were fridged.
the ride back here was super cold too. i was excited to get home and back into some warmth, but it didnt seem to work out quite that way. i walk into my place and it is freezing in there! i look at the temp and its 51 degrees inside my house! i was beside myself with anger. ive written before about how i have had many issues with my heater over the years, but this was just rediculous! i was surprised to find that my water pipes hadnt froze over while i was gone. i preceeded to fight my heater for the rest of the night (which consists of me turning up the heat, it turning on for about three minutes then shuting off, at which point i walk over and turn the heat back on again. repeat this process about 50 times). eventually it kicked in after about 3 hours, then it let the heat go all the way up to 65! it was a christmas miracle!!! but then of course when i woke up this morning it was back to about 54 degrees. i figured 'screw it!' so i packed up and left. its midday now, and i have been enjoying the heat in different stores all day just wandering around. i really should call somebody about this, huh?

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