flea pancakes

with it being the last flea market of the year, i knew i wanted to go!  usually we don't actually get anything, but i just love to wander around and look.  mom, ledger, and i were up early, so we even decided that we would head out right away and partake in the pancake breakfast they always offer!  usually we get there too late for it because we sleep at the house and then drive in saturday morning, but since we just slept at the trailer, we were able to make it in time!  diana wasn't really interested since it would just give her a really bad stomachache all day, so we let her get a little more sleep.  we told ledger that we were going to get pancakes and he was thrilled- he loves those things!  we got a couple helping of flapjacks and found a spot to sit.  he feasted on them and ended up eating almost two whole pancakes!  he didn't plan ahead very well, we forgot to bring wipes for him, so he was a bit sticky and syrupy for the rest of the flea- but to be honest, so were we...
as we wandered around the flea market for a while, mom wanting to check out all the flowers even though we were at the end of the season, and ledger wanting to check out... well, everything!  when we finally made it back to the trailer diana was up and ready so we spend the rest of the day riding golf carts and enjoying the beautiful weekend!
(more pics)

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