christmas afternoon

after a bite to eat, we put ledger down for his nap.  while he was sleeping, tim, jill, and the kids came over- time for the fun to begin!  they had already done their christmas gift giving, but were thrilled about the prizes that were still in store for them at mema and papa's!
eventually ledger got up and was thrilled to see his cousins again.  they immediately busted out all the toys from the toy room and tried to get out their manic gift anticipation by being silly and hyper throughout the house.
we were able to calm all four them them down long enough to have them sit with mema and papa by the christmas tree for a family photo, but it took a lot of work! (this particular photo is, i think, the 7th one out of 15!- they were wiggly!)
while the kids did their thing, us adults did ours.  we were able to just hand around and catch up with each other.  it was nice to talk like adults to adults!- ah, now this is what christmas is all about!
(more pics)

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