now that we are at diana's mom and david's house for the summer, i've got lots of work to do!  david has hired me for the summer to do a bunch of work around the house.  lawn work, cleaning, and construction will be my main focus for the summer.  with all this time working, i get the chance to listen to whatever i want while i go about taking care of everything i need to do.  this has lead me to listening to a bunch of podcasts!  i've been listening to podcasts for a while now, i get the chance to listen while i work on saturdays at meijer, but now i've got tons more listening time so i've been finding a few new ones to keep my ears busy while my hands are busy too.  every time i come in from working around the house, ledger is curious about the headphones that i've got hanging out of my shirt.  well, i thought i would show him what they are for, and he totally loved it!  the look on his face the first time i held one up to his ear was priceless!  he was so confused by all that sound coming from what seemed like no where!  he figured it out quickly, and now every time i'm wearing them he wants to listen too!
(podcasts i've been enjoying)

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